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Maintenance: Timing Belts

Timing Belt Replacement Service
Most modern engines in smaller and mid-sized vehicles use timing belts to operate the engine camshaft and require regular timing belt replacement. For vehicles that use them, timing belt replacement is the single most important engine maintenance event and it is critical that the replacement is performed at the correct service interval and that the job is performed thoroughly.

Recommended intervals for Timing Belt Replacement vary considerably from vehicle to vehicle and typically range from every 60,000 miles to as high as every 105,000 miles. Also keep in mind that many so-called “interference engines” can incur serious additional damage if timing belt replacement is neglected and results in timing belt failure.

There are three types of timing set ups:

Timing Chain: The timing is run by a chain, that is designed to work for the life of the vehicle, it is very rare that a timing chain ever brakes there for there is rarely, if ever a recommended replacement.

The Non-Interference Timing Belt: This is a rubber timing belt that is recommended to be changed at a specific mileage interval.  If this belt brakes there is very little chance that it will cause any engine damage, but it will most definitely leave you stranded some where.

The Interference Timing Belt: This type of timing set up is commonly referred to as a “valve bender” this is with good reason.  This is also a rubber belt that is recommended to be changed at a specific mileage interval.  If this belt brakes it can and often does cause major damage to the engine and valves, leaving you not only stranded on the side of the road but also stranded with a very expensive repair ranging into the thousands of dollars.

If you want to know if your vehicle has an “interference engine” or if you want to know the recommended replacement interval for the timing belt on your particular car or would like help with an initial timing belt estimate do not hesitate to call us.


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